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Old 10-19-2013
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Default Trixie, the Slave Owner

Made by Krypto and I.

Trixie walked into Ponyville. She had some matters to discuss with Twilight. She was afraid a bit, however. The reason was that Twilight's friends still didn't like her that much. Perhaps it was better to say they were on the opposite of friendly terms.

Unfortunately for Trixie, they were all at Twilight's house as well.

She entered, only to see them. they glared at her.

Twilight was about to greet Trixie but the others got up in her face.

"What are you doing here?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I need to talk to Twilight." Trixie said.

"And whatever could Twilight possibly want you for?" Rarity asked.

"It's okay, guys." Twilight said.

Twilight's friends relaxed, but they still didn't quite like Trixie yet.

Trixie then said,"I still have trouble supporting myself. After all, you did ruin my business, so I need help getting back on my hooves."

"What makes you think we'd help you?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Trixie then said,"Because Celestia told you to."

"What?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, Celestia has commanded you to help me get back on my hooves again. Also I get to spank you whenever I want!"

"That's obviously a lie." Rarity said.

Trixie then said,"Go ask her yourself."

"Spike." Twilight said.

Spike nodded, and got the paper. Rarity wrote the letter, levitating the feather with her magic, and mailed the question to Celestia,

Spike spat up the reply in a matter of seconds.

They opened it and examined it.

Trixie was telling the truth.

They were still to be treated fairly and get payed but for the time being, they were Trixie's servants.

They soon got started with the job.

First, they had to get Trixie food.

Rainbow Dash grunted, and said,"I can't believe we're slaves now."

"Not slaves, indentured servants," Twilight corrected. Rainbow Dash just humphed.

"We aren't here for life and will get some bits at the end of it but I don't see the difference besides that." Applejack said.

Twilight said,"Well..."

"Also, I should be gettin' back to the farm, and keeping things good there!" Applejack said.

"I'm sure your family can handle it." Twilight said.

"I hope yer right," Applejack said.

Trixie comes in to see how her servants are doing.

And they brought her a nice cooked apple pie. It wasn't browned at all, and had a magnificent smell. Truly it was a pie fit for a queen.

"Very good." Trixie said. "One other thing, though, from now on, you will address me as Mistress Lulamoon."

"What?" Rainbow Dash asked. The cyan pegasus then said,"You know what? I'm leaving!"

Trixie's horn then glowed. An aura of magic surrounded the cyan pegasus, preventing her from moving.

"H-hey!" Rainbow Dash shouted, trapped in a magic cocoon.

"One last chance, what is my name?" Trixie asks.

"The greatly stupid Trixie!" Rainbow Dash declared.

Trixie levitated Rainbow Dash to a special room she set up, and set her into some wooden stocks.

Rainbow Dash wriggled and squirmed, only for Trixie to say,"Knock it off." She then got a giant wooden paddle.

Rainbow Dash continued squirming, and shouted,"Let me out of here!"

Trixie then pretended to think about it for a second, and then said,"No."

Trixie then tapped the paddle on Rainbow Dash's rump.

Raising the paddle high in the sky, she took her aim, and smacked it harshly onto Rainbow Dash's rump.

Rainbow Dash grunted in pain at the first smack.

The unicorn, far from finished with the pegasus, smacked Rainbow Dash's rump again.

Rainbow Dash was soon whimpering. Trixie was spanking rather hard.

Smack went the paddle on the bony rump of the pony.

Rainbow bit her lip as her backside turned pink.

Trixie then said,"Good, I think you're starting to learn. However, I am still displeased with the color so I think a little longer should do the trick."

Trixie then continued.

Rainbow Dash had tears falling down her eyes as she thrashed around.

When her backside was red she said,"Alright Mistress Lulamoon, I've had enough." She tried her best not to break out into sobs.

Trixie smiled, and said,"Good. But if you disrespect me again, not only will you get another spanking but I'll stick you in a maid's outfit." Trixie said.

Rainbow Dash nodded, and said,"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, get back to work." Trixie said.

Trixie was going to have a lot of fun that day.
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Old 10-21-2013
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Made by Krypto and I. Chapter 2.

Fluttershy enters Trixie's study. "M-Mistress Lulamoon?" she quivered.

"Yes?" Trixie asked, reading a book.

"I was dusting and I...knocked down the picture in your living room and it broke." Fluttershy said.

Trixie asked,"The family one?"

Fluttershy nodded.

Trixie then shouted,"CLEAN IT UP, AND GET BACK HERE!"

Fluttershy went to clean it up, and returned five minutes later.

Trixie then said,"Go into the punishment room, and into the stocks."

Fluttershy went to the punishment room, and trapped herself in the stocks.

Trixie arrived, and levitated the paddle over to Fluttershy's rump.

Fluttershy then whimpered as she knew what was going to happen next.

Trixie then raised the paddle into the air, and brought it down with a mighty thwack.

Fluttershy shrieked at the burning smack.

Trixie then continued smacking Fluttershy's rump again and again, soon reducing the yellow pegasus into crying.

Trixie considered on whether or not she should continue.

Then she decided it was only fair to Rainbow Dash, and kept on going.

Fluttershy soon began bawling as the paddle repeatedly smacked her rear again and again.

Trixie waited for her rump to become red before releasing her.

Fluttershy went back to work after the incident.

Trixie then said,"Now I can go back to my peace and quite."
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Old 12-23-2013
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Chapter Three by Forestfleet and I.

Made by Krypto and I.

"I'm not wearin' that thing!" Applejack said about the maid outfit Trixie wanted her to wear.

"The others have agreed to it," Trixie said.

Applejack then said,"I know yer lying. Rainbow Dash would nevah do that!"

"The punishment room changed her mind," Trixie said,"and it will change yours."

Applejack then said,"Well she doesn't get switched like I do back at the farm."

"I'm sure I can match what you get at your little farm," Trixie said as she seized Applejack with magic.

Applejack then said,"Prove it!"

Trixie took Applejack to the Punishment Room and put her in the stocks. She then grabbed a riding crop.

Applejack struggled in her binds.

Trixie raised the crop up in the air and...SMACK!

Applejack yelped, but asked,"Is that it?"

Trixie started whipping Applejack a lot faster at her remark.

Applejack continued on yelping as red lines appeared across her backside, but she refused to cry.

Trixie was not liking her stubbornness. She then went even harder and faster.

Applejack still refused to break. Trixie then enchanted the crop to whip her farmer servant on it's own. She then levitated a book in to read.

Applejack grunted, and a single tear forced its way down her cheek.

Trixie ignored her. She wasn't going to stop until Applejack was wailing and begging for mercy.

Applejack finally used her tail to cover her rump.

However, Trixie anticipated that move. She made another restraint snatch Applejack's tail, and keep it straight up.


More tears started to form, but Applejack tried to prevent them from dripping down her eyes.

She failed.

Applejack's rump turned red.

Applejack then started sobbing.

"I'll wear the dang outfit, just stop!"

Trixie did stop, and let her from the stocks. "Good," she said with a devious smile.

Trixie brought the outfit out, and forced Applejack into it.

Applejack sighed. This was going to be a long job.

Too long.
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