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Old 05-10-2013
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Default Metal Amy's stinging discipline,part 1: The painfull prank

(This story is mine and Krypto's.It'll be a two part story.)

Sonic smirked.He had a good idea to have fun.

He went to Tails."Tails,do you remember the Metal Amy you made?"

"Yeah?" Tails asks.

"Got an idea to have fun at the other's you have a way to program her to think the others have been naughty,except us?"

"I don't know, Sonic." Tails said.

"You told me you had enough of your own Metal Amy spanking you.Why not just make her spank the others and have some fun for once?"

Tails smirks. "Yeah, you're right."

Sonic smirked."Them get going and let's have fun."

"Haha, I'm even gonna include my mom on the list of people to spank." Tails said.

Sonic laughed."Oh,That WILL be fun."

Tails gets to work programing Metal Amy.

Sonic waited

Eventually,Metal Amy opened her eyes.

"Good morning, Metal Amy. are you ready to punish?" Tails asks.

The pink robot nodded."....Affirmative."

"Then, pursue your first target." Tails said.

Metal Amy left the lab.The first target was...Little Alexis Acorn.

Metal Amy checked on what Tails programmed about her mischief,as she went after Alexis.

Alexis was picking flowers and minding her own bussiness, not aware of Metal Amy.

Metal Amy soon went to Alexis.The lie about her mischief was....she drew on a wall. something she did actually do but two weeks ago.

Metal Amy arrived behind Alexis and picked her up.

"Eek!" Alexis squeaks in surprise.

Metal Amy took Alexis to a nearby tree stump,and turned her over her lap,baring her butt.

"Let me go!" Alexis said.

"Negative.Acording to my data,you have been drawing on walls.That is unacceptable behavior,and you will be punished." Metal Amy said,starting to spank her.

"OW! I didn't do that today!" Alexis yelps.

"Do not lie,or it shall be worse." Metal Amy scolded as she spanked."I have been programmed with data on your most recent mischief."

She alternated cheeks. Alexis bottom quickly turns red and she starts sobbing.

Metal Amy spanked the sitspots."Will you refrain from drawing on walls?"

"I didn't draw on any walls!" Alexis yells.

"For'll get ten extra before it ends." Metal Amy sternly said,giving five to the left sitspot.

then she gave ten slaps to Alexis' right sitspot. Metal Amy then lets Alexis go.

While she conforted the crying Alexis,she checked on her sensors the next target,and his or her "mischief".

Metal Amy spots Sally.

Once Alexis was a bit better,Metal Amy went after the Princess.The mischief programmed was...Sally abused her royal authority.

Metal Amy went to Sally.

Sally was very confused to see Metal Amy heading for her.

Princess Sally have been naughty,and I am to punish you...." Metal Amy said,surprisingly grabbing her ear!

"What are you talking about?" Sally asks.

"You have abused your royal is useless to lie to me....I was programmed with full data on your mischief..."

Metal Amy sat down on Sally's throne,turned her over the knee,and started spanking!

Still,a word got on the wise Sally's mind.Metal Amy was a robot,and she said she was PROGRAMMED with Sally's supposed "Mischief"....there where a few people who could have done this but the pain in her behind keep her from thinking clearly.

Metal Amy alternated between cheeks as she spanked. Sally kicks her legs as her bottom turns pink.

Metal Amy them began spanking all over the butt.

Sally howls in pain.

Metal Amy them moved to the sitspots.
Sally continues sobbing, kicking and flailing her arms.

Metal Amy continued untill Sally's butt was red,before letting her up.
Sally jumps around and rubs her bottom.

Metal Amy conforted the Princess.
she then reads her data, telling her that the rest of the Acorn Family is guilty of abuse of power as well.

She went to the next target,them,leaving Sally to ponder about who reprogrammed Metal Amy.
she comes across Alicia.

"Lady Alicia Acorn..." Metal Amy said,looking at her sternly.
Alicia turns around to look at Metal Amy

"You have been naughty....." Metal Amy said,taking her gently by the ear to a nearby chair..
"What is the meaning of this?" Alicia asks.

You have been abusing your authority....I have been programmed with the latest naughtyness here....and to deal discipline accordingly." Metal Amy said.

She turned Alicia over her lap,bared her butt,and started to spank.
Tails had been using a little flying robot to watch the spankings.

Sonic ate some popcorn as he watched with Tails,chuckling.

Metal Amy alternated cheeks as she spanked Alicia.
Alicia starts crying.

Metal Amy spanked all over the butt.
Alicia starts kicking.

Metal Amy moved to the sitspots.
Alicia starts sobbing hard.

Metal Amy spanked untill her butt was bright red before helping her up.
just then, Megan happened to be walking by.

Metal Amy looked at Megan....

Meanwhile,Sally groaned.She had to swallow her pride and tell Rotor what she got,before she said,"A-and that's the situation.Is there a way you could find who reprogrammed Metal Amy?"

"I can try." Rotor said.

Metal Amy soon had Megan getting spanked over her lap....

"T...thanks,Rotor.We need Metal Amy to come to her senses as fast as possible..."
"YEOW!" Megan yelps.

Metal Amy alternated cheeks.
Megan's bottom turns pink, then red.

Soon Megan got her sitspots warmed.
Megan starts bawling.

Metal Amy continued untill it was bright red,before she stopped and helped Megan up.

Sally and Rotor managed to arrive while Metal Amy let go of Megan.

"Rotor,now!" Sally said.Rotor had a machine to stop Metal Amy.

Metal Amy turned to them,eyes glowing.".....Are you threatening me?I am just doing my not attack me,Princess,or I shall spank you once again." she sighed.

Rotor turns Metal Amy off.

Sally sighed on relief."Good..."
Rotor goes about looking at the robot's programing.

Sally waited for Rotor's anwser.
"It was Tails." Rotor said. "Sonic must've put him up to it."

Sally's eyes narrowed."Those two.....Rotor,can you restore Metal Amy's old personality?"
"Sure." Rotor said.

While Rotor worked,Sally saw on a nearby monitor what Metal Amy did,them her eyes widened.

After Alicia and before Megan,she went to Rosemary.The mischief listed was....wrongfully punishing Tails.

"Rosemary have wrongly punished my creator....and so,you should share his punishment." Metal Amy said,taking Rosemary's ear and dragging her to a chair.
Sally watches the recording of Rosemary getting spanked.

Metal Amy,like on the other spankings,bared Rosemary's bottom,leaving no part of the butt unspanked.
Sally can't take her eyes away from the sight.

Ignoring Rosemary's protests,Metal Amy spanked the sitspots.
Soon, Metal Amy stops and the recording ends.

Metal Amy hold her head,as she oppened her eyes when Rotor was finished.

"What....has happened...." she said,sighing.
"Sonic and Tails reprogramed you to spank everyone around the city as some prank." Sally said. "Including me."

Metal Amy's eyes widened,them she sighed."This sorry,Princess."
"It isn't your fault. and I'm sure, Sonic and Tails will be sorry too. they didn't cause any damage to your personality or memory did they?" Sally asks.

Metal Amy ran a full check-up on her systems.

"My memory is intact." she said.
"Then, the prank was ultimately harmless but Sonic and Tails should still be punished." Sally said.

"I shall punish them personally...." Metal Amy said."Though even after I punish them,I'm afraid Tails's mother will also want a "talk" with him."
Sally chuckles. "I think so too."

The spanked ones were together,wondering why it happened.

Metal Amy left the lab,but,though Rosemary and the others looked startled,Metal Amy sighed."I am sorry for what I did to you.Princess Sally had Rotor work on me,and apparently my creator Tails and Sonic had reprogrammed me to spank all of you, as a prank..." she explained.
all the spanked people look angry.

"Again,I am sorry.Rosemary Prower.......I hope you won't object of myself punishing Tails,as I am sure you wish to spank him as well."
"We'll all spank him and Sonic." Alicia said. the others nod.

"Let us go,them." Metal Amy said.
They all burst in on the surprised Sonic and Tails......

To be continued!Stay tuned for the second and final part,with the comeuppance of the two pranksters!^^
Desco,the Final Boss,my little sister.Besides Fuuka,I am the only one she usually listens to......for good reason,cause when she's naughty,she gets a good spanking,final boss or not!
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Old 05-10-2013
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Oh boy, this is gonna be gooood
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