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Old 06-09-2010
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Default "Glory Bee" story character guide

I've written a number of stories featuring characters created by Gaius Marius. With his permission, I've posted them at other sites, so I'm going to repost them here. I created a character guide, which I'm posting tonight; the stories will follow one each day until I've posted them all.

The characters are meant to be reminiscent of the old Harvey comics, Richie Rich, Little Dot, Little Audrey, and others. Besides spanking, they also include lots of GPS -- which, in this case, means not Global Positioning System, but Gratuitous Panty Shots. There won't be any nudity, nor any boys on the receiving end. You can count on two things, though; sooner or later, somebody's underwear is going to be on display, and sooner or later, somebody's going to get spanked.

Character Guide

(Note: all “child” characters in this guide can be assumed to be age 10 unless otherwise specified. All “teen” characters are high school age. All “adult” characters can be anywhere from early twenties to senior citizens; the age should be evident from the description.)

Glory Bee:

Setting: Everdale, a typical American suburb.

Time: in terms of adult fashions, cars, and other conveniences, mid-1950’s. All young girls, though, wear Shirley Temple-style fingertip-length dresses or skirts. In addition, all adults favor the traditional method of disciplining wayward young girls (and don’t hesitate to employ that method of discipline, regardless of whether the young girl in question is related to them).

Child characters:

Beatrice Gloria “Glory Bee” Benton – “America’s Naughtiest Girl”. Easily the smartest pupil in her class, Glory unfortunately tends to use her wits mainly to embarrass those she’s come to view as her rivals or to catch the eye of her lifelong crush, Harry Doolin (see below). While she would never intentionally set out to hurt anyone, her shenanigans have a tendency to go awry, resulting in minor personal or property damage (and concomitant damage to Glory’s backside).

Sally Doolin – Glory’s next-door neighbor and best friend. A sweet, innocent child, Sally is often led astray into naughtiness by Glory, and generally suffers the same fate.

Kittie Hemstridge – a member of Glory’s class. Glory views Kittie as a rival and expends a great deal of time and energy on plans to embarrass her (usually by putting Kittie’s underwear on display in highly public settings). Kittie, for her part, is completely unaware of any rivalry and views Glory’s efforts with bemusement. Kittie stars in a series of stories pitting her against Gnark the goblin and his cohorts (see The Goblins, below).

Horace Eldington – Glory’s classmate. An egghead, Horace gets flustered whenever he sees a girl’s panties (which, given their abbreviated hemlines, must happen several times a day).

Fatty Maxwell – another of Glory’s classmates. A typical schoolyard bully with more brawn than brains, Fatty is the type to beat up scrawnier students (such as Horace Eldington) for their lunch money. Easily outwitted by Glory.

Teenage characters:

Harry Doolin – Sally’s older brother. A typical teenage boy, Harry would like nothing better than to cruise with his buddies to the malt shop, eyeing cute teenage girls on the way. Alas, cruel fate gave him Glory Bee for a next-door neighbor. Quite unaware of the depths of Glory’s crush on him, Harry views the girl as nothing more than a pest. He only puts up with so much from her before losing his patience and turning her over his knee.

Dexter Eldington – Horace’s older brother and Harry’s best friend. Also an egghead, Dexter is constantly inventing “helpful” gadgets that don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to.

Adult characters:

Fred & Dora Benton – Glory’s long-suffering parents. Torn between setting limits for their precocious daughter and encouraging her natural curiosity. Dora, a typical 50’s homemaker, never met a problem that milk and cookies wouldn’t solve. Hard-working Fred is slow to anger; but once he does lose his temper, look out!

Sheila Doolin – Harry and Sally’s aunt and legal guardian. Runs the local travel agency. Very much no-nonsense, “Aunt Sheila” doesn’t hesitate to discipline either her niece or her next-door neighbor via her trusty hairbrush. Harry, on the other hand, usually comes in for a good tongue-lashing, and probably thinks that the girls are getting off easy.

Miss Fingle – Glory’s homeroom teacher. A typical gray-haired spinster type. Replaced in the middle of the year by Mr. Benson (see below).

Mr. Donald Benson – Glory’s current homeroom teacher. Much younger than Miss Fingle, Mr. Benson is also quite handsome, causing all his girl students (especially Glory) to develop crushes on him. Many of Glory’s current plots and ploys are designed to call Mr. Benson’s attention to her. He sees right through her, though, and she often gets his attention in ways she wasn’t expecting. Mr. Benson’s pet peeve is lying; he demands total honesty from his students, and the quickest way to earn a trip over his knee is to be untruthful with him.

Miss Tracy Lane – a new hire down at the travel agency and the leader of Glory’s “Sunshine Girls” troop. A remarkably attractive young woman, Miss Lane provides a romantic interest for Mr. Benson and a “schoolboy crush” for Harry, thus giving Glory two reasons to be jealous of her and plot against her. She rules her Sunshine Girls with an iron hand and a ready hairbrush.

Other characters:

The goblins – inhabit a faroff world linked to Everdale via a mystic portal that takes the form of an antique Chevral mirror, through which the Goblins can travel to hunt “prey”, which they carry off to their lair and devour. Physically, the goblins average a little over five feet tall (although they could go anywhere from one to two feet taller or shorter), with green skin and glowing yellow eyes. They’re quite strong (one goblin is a match for an average adult female, and two for an average adult male), but also quite lazy, opting to hunt and capture children. They will hunt boys if that’s all they can find, but very much prefer to capture girls. Goblins are also very vain, but not very bright and consequently very easy to trick.

So far, Kittie Hemstridge has twice fallen into the clutches of Gnark, the goblins’ self-styled greatest hunter, only to outwit him and escape both times. This has only made Gnark even more determined to carry off Kittie and consume her tender flesh – after paying her back for the embarrassment she’s caused him.

Selina, the Moon Princess:

Setting: Sunnyvale, a small town located on an island off the Atlantic coast of the U.S.

Time: the early 1960’s, when “science fiction” was about 2% science and 98% fiction. Although the time period may have changed from the “Glory Bee” era, it’s important to note that young girl’s fashions have not (nor have adults’ attitudes about how best to treat recalcitrant young girls).

During these turbulent times, Earth is watched over by a benevolent race that resides on the moon. Realizing that Earthlings need some special protection from the almost-constant alien invasions, the Lunarians decide to send one of their own to serve as Earth’s protector. This guardian is none other than Selina, the Moon Princess!

Child characters:

Selina / Claire DeLune – in her “mortal” form, Claire is an ordinary young girl, newly come to live in Sunnyvale from the distant Midwest. When danger threatens, though, she uses the power of the Moon Ring (also known as the Lunar Ring) to transform into Selina, the Moon Princess, with a purple costume complete with knee-high boots, a cape, and the shortest hemline ever possessed by a superheroine.

Selina’s powers were never fully defined (mainly to give writers more flexibility in dealing with her), but they definitely include flight, super-strength, the ability to shoot laser bolts from her fists, the ability to teleport, and the ability to transform material. However, since she is so young and so new to being a superheroine, sometimes her powers don’t quite work the way she intended.

Janey Ross – one of Claire’s two best friends. Red-haired and freckle-faced, Janey’s inquisitive nature and fearless, adventuresome spirit often land her in deep trouble, usually requiring rescue, quite often by Selina. Although her bottom generally pays the price for her transgressions, Janey never quite seems to learn her lesson.

Miranda Hobbs – Claire’s other best friend and Janey’s constant companion. Blonde and slightly ditzy, Miranda always has a sunny disposition and a kind word for everything and everybody. She seems happiest when she’s upside-down and manages to spend a substantial part of each day that way, whether by turning cartwheels or handstands or by hanging by her knees from the monkey bars (or a low-hanging tree branch, or whatever’s convenient). Consequently, the citizens of Sunnyvale are quite familiar with the sight of her underwear. Miranda usually shares Janey’s adventures (and her subsequent punishments).

April DeLune – age 12, Claire’s older “sister”. Her initial affection towards Claire quickly turns to jealousy when she sees how much attention the younger girl is getting. So she’s constantly hatching plots to land Claire in trouble, some of which succeed, most of which backfire spectacularly, with appropriate consequences. An aspiring cheerleader, April is constantly practicing her routines, which include plenty of high kicks, spins, backflips, cartwheels, and handstands, meaning April’s underwear is on public display about as often as Miranda’s.

Teen characters:

Chip Sanders – the “All-American boy”. A straight-A student and quarterback of the Sunnyvale High football team, Chip even finds time to hold down a part-time job delivering groceries on his scooter. With his wavy hair and classic good looks, Chip is a constant crush for all Sunnyvale girls – Claire, Janey, Miranda, and April included. He, for his part, tends to treat them all like his little sisters. While fiercely protective of them, he’s also quite prone to tossing them over his shoulder, giving them airplane spins, holding them upside-down by their ankles, tickling them, that sort of thing. If they’re ever naughty or disobedient (especially if they disobey him), though, he doesn’t hesitate to do what big brothers have done to little sisters since the beginning of time – namely, turn them over his knee and administer a good paddling!

Percy Hagglemeyer – Chip’s egghead best friend and sidekick.

Adult characters:

Tom and Mary DeLune – Claire’s Earth “parents”. Told that Claire is a distant relative of theirs who’s recently lost her family, they accept her into their household and raise her as their own. A typically strict, but loving, happily married couple.

Queen Eurynome – Selina’s grandmother and Empress of the Lunarians. Keeps a constant eye on her granddaughter, and the Earthlings in general, using the Moon’s highly advanced monitoring system.

Sven Carlson – Claire’s homeroom teacher at Sunnyvale Elementary. Ruggedly handsome, but also typically strict.

Sheriff Brannigan – the long arm (and sometimes, strict hand) of the law in Sunnyvale. The father of twin girls, he doesn’t hesitate to apply the method he uses to discipline them to other juvenile offenders.

Uncle Erasmus – Miranda’s “mad scientist” uncle. A typical absent-minded professor, Uncle Erasmus has a laboratory on the other side of the island from Sunnyvale, where he’s constantly tinkering with all sorts of crazy inventions. Oddly enough, whenever his niece, or one of her friends, disobeys him, his absent-mindedness disappears, and he knows precisely what to do.

Other characters:

The Aliens – creatures of all shapes, sizes, origins, and powers, limited only by the writers’ imagination, the aliens are constantly striving to take over the Earth. For some unknown reason, their evil plans always seem to involve landing near Sunnyvale and abducting young girls. Selina always manages to defeat the Aliens (often by the skin of her teeth) and drive them from the Earth … never for very long, though.

Victory Girl:

Setting: various places in the U.S., Britain, and continental Europe.

Time: World War II (although time is somewhat flexible, as the characters are the same age on Pearl Harbor Day as they are on VJ Day).

Child characters:

Vicky Kirby / Victory Girl – orphaned at an early age, Vicky was chosen by the spirits of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty to receive special powers. For up to an hour at a time, she can transform herself into Victory Girl, whose red, white, and blue costume (including the requisite short skirt and white panties) strikes terror into the hearts of America’s enemies. Victory Girl has ten times the power of an ordinary mortal (meaning she run ten times faster, jump ten times higher, and hit ten times stronger). When in her mortal guise, Vicky tours with a USO troupe, doing a rousing dance/gymnastics routine with the Bell twins (see below) guaranteed to entertain the troops and/or sell plenty of war bonds. Vicky often follows her uncle Sid, a.k.a. Major Triumph (see below) often to her detriment when her powers wear off.

Pixie and Trixie Bell – Vicky’s best friends, and the only ones who know her secret identity. They perform with Vicky in the USO show. They’re identical twins, and the only way for most people to tell them apart is that (in keeping with the patriotic theme) Pixie always wears red panties and Trixie always wears blue. Thus, people are always pulling up their skirts in order to find out which Bell twin they’re talking to. Pixie and Trixie usually accompany Vicky on her Victory Girl adventures, where the acrobatic skills they’ve honed doing their USO act often come in handy in foiling their adversaries – but not, unfortunately, in averting any resulting punishment.

Adult characters:

Captain Sid Kirby / Major Triumph – Vicky’s uncle and legal guardian. Most know him as the military commander of the USO troupe. Fewer know him as an undercover OSI agent, charged with ferreting out enemy spies and saboteurs (who show up with amazing regularity wherever the USO tour goes). Still fewer know him as Major Triumph, crime-fighting superhero. Like Victory Girl, his powers include super-strength, super-speed, and super-agility; unlike her, his powers were derived from scientific experimentation and are permanent, not temporary. While tender and loving towards his niece (and her friends), he expects strict obedience from them – and doesn’t hesitate to strictly discipline them when he doesn’t get it.

Lt. Betsy Ross – the USO chaperone. Responsible for maintaining discipline amongst her charges, “Lt. Betsy” is quick to apply her hairbrush where and when it’s needed. The surest way to draw her ire is to be out after curfew.
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Thanks for the character guide.
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I've long been a fan of Gauis' creations, particularly Glory Bee. I can't wait to read the stories you have come up with. Thanks for posting the character guide.

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