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Old 01-19-2013
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Default Michelle gets punished (by Izumi and Krypto451

All was calm at the Tanner house Danny left Michelle with her sisters to keep an eye on her as he left with Joe and Jesse.

Soon, Michelle wanted to eat cookies. And so she went to the kitchen without her sisters knowing and grabbed the cookie jar and began eating hoping that she doesn't get caught knowing that if she was she wouldn't be able to sit for weeks after her

sisters got through with her. The eight year old managed to finish off every cookie in the jar. Michelle was soon thirsty from eating all the cookies her stomach was also sore,D.J and Stefanie soon walked in on her "what are you doing" D.J asked

stern "Nothing," Mechelle said innocently. "I know you're lying" D.J scolded "now tell the truth" she added not amused "you're going to spank me" Michelle said backing away. "And It'll only be worse if you don't tell me the truth." D.J said. Michelle

continued to back up until she hit the wall "do you really need to spank me" she asked as D.J walked closer stern "depends,what did you do" she asked now right in front of her. "Will you spank me if I tell you?" Mechelle asks. "Oh,yes I'll still spank you"

D.J said Michelle was now more nervous at that and tried to run away from her but D.J. grabs one of the straps on her overalls. "Is it too late to apologize" Michelle asked nervously D.J just pulled them off and pulled down her pants and panties giving her

ten hard spanks as she marched her to a chair "let me go" Michelle said as D.J began spanking her "ow ow stop ow it ow please ow I'm ow sorry ow" she cried "you will be" D.J scolded continuing the spanking soon, pink hand prints start to show up on

Mechelle's bottom. "My hand is starting to hurt" D.J said "please stop" Michelle said Stefanie walked over and grabbed a wooden spoon and handed it to D.J who then started spanking again "fuck ow please ow that hurts ow" Michelle cried "I guess you're

getting your mouth washed out now too." D.J. said. "No,not that" Michelle cried D.J just carried her to the washroom once there she got the soap wet and put it in her mouth and continued spanking with the wooden spoon tears flowed down her face

trying not to drop the soap from her mouth soon, Mechelle's butt turns red. D.J stopped and let Michelle rinse "now,go to your room and stand in the corner with your bum on display" she ordered Michelle sobbed and did as told.

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